Entertainer Profile

Miss Lydia

Sensual and strong, I can be the Mistress of your wildest fantasies or the submissive of your naughtiest desires.

I, Miss Lydia, am a disciplined, young femme fatale.

I have ventured into every avenue of domination and submission you can imagine.

I respond with loyalty and respect in the hands of others, but do not take advantage, as I am wise beyond my young adult years and have the power to bind you merely with my mind.

I am as sensual as I am strong, and I enjoy MANY diverse roles.

I will give an erotic whipping that you will interpret as a massage.

My slaves will always be attentive and well kept, which means a thorough cleaning as I see fit.

When I determine that you have what it takes to be my slave, then-and only then- will I train you to master me, if you have the mental and physical capabilities.

My interests are wide and varied, so call or email with your fantasies, and I'll make them come true.